Michael Reber

Silent all NVMe compute Server

Project Info

  • Created By Michael Reber
  • Date 2020.09.01
  • Category Custom Build

Project Description

This is a custom build server which I designed with performance in mind but still quiet.

  • Built-in is an Intel i9 processor with 16 cores with maximum 3.6GHz turbo boost.
  • 2x 64 GB DDR4 Ram - total 128 GB Ram.
  • Two NVMe SSDs in RAID 1 for the system with 2TB storage each and 5GB/s read speep and 3.5 GB/s write.
  • There is also another SSD with 4TB for trash / temporary files, runtime files or transcoder files to spare the internal SSD in writing.

In the latest version, the CPU cooler was replaced by a water cooling, in which the radiator was screwed outside the server inside the rack.