Michael Reber

Automatic Mosquito Killer

Project Info

  • Created By Michael Reber
  • Date 2020.08.14
  • Category Gadgets

Project Description

This is an automatic mosquito killer. It is switched on automatically via home-assistant 2 hours before going to bed in the darkened bedroom.

It attracts mosquitoes and flies or vesps with its two ultraviolet LED strips build-in. Thanks to the four PC fans that suck in the air, the insects are already sucked in from a distance of 20 cm.

Inside the killer there are two different high-voltage meshes which are fed with a 1'888V high-voltage unit. The larger front net is for flys and vesps, brakes. All smaller insects such as mosquitoes are blown into the smaller rear net and fried there with 18kV.

The insects that are rendered harmless fall out of the bottom of the box.